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Our Story

Founded by a Funeral Director/Owner who has built a team of industry and business professionals (Funeral Industry Technology Entrepreneur, Chief Technology Officer, and other operations personnel) with the express desire to solve a growing funeral industry problem—which he experienced time and again.

“…many families & individuals would use generic Internet crowdfunding websites to collect donation monies; then fail to satisfy (pay) their service provider’s funeral statement. The funeral home had no control over this, until now…”

The platform is the premier crowdfunding service created exclusively for funeral homes. This puts the funeral service providers in complete control of all funding events and guaranteeing payment to the funeral home. It also helps families and individuals meet all their funeral and future expenses through a modern and respectable form of payment.

William ‘Bill’ Savino
Our Goal

Our goal was to create a crowdfund platform exclusive for funeral homes that would help families and individuals meet all funeral and future expenses while at the same time guarantee payment to the funeral home.

Our Mission

Our mission was to create a powerful system whereby family, friends, and community anywhere in the world can make donations to a person's funeral and future expenses through social media websites, email, texting, etc.

Our Focus

Our focus is on your crowdfunding success and our team will work as closely with you as needed at all times offering total partner support.

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