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Privacy Policy

Our website is completely safe and secure to use. We are totally committed to ensuring the safety of our funeral homes and the family, friends and community they serve. has taken drastic and long-lasting steps to make this a reality. This Privacy Policy clearly outlines our commitments to our funeral homes in respect to information, confidential data and third-party activities.

Personal Data

We collect personal data (including, but not limited to, name, email address and billing information) whenever you sign up, create a crowdfunding event or decide to make a donation. Your confidential information is fully secure and safe with us and as part of your agreement with us, we are obligated not disclose any of your vital information without your full knowledge and consent. By providing data, you agree to allow us to transfer information to our office servers and official third parties who will be partnering with us.

We use your information for the following purposes:


Cookies are tiny information pieces that are sent to your computer or mobile phone (depending on which device you use) whenever you visit a website. These cookies store some information and keep track of your use of the website. We make use of two types of cookies; short-term cookies, which last the duration of your visit to our site and are removed once you exit, and long-term cookies, which stay longer and are used to remember you whenever you visit again in the future. If you are unhappy with the activities of cookies on your phone or computer, you can easily disable them by going to your browser settings.

Information Protection

We have put in place reasonable technical, structural and organizational measures which are designed to keep your personal information safe, secure and away from unauthorized personnel, alteration or disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to bypass our security measures or use your personal information for improper purposes by implementing better intrusion technology in the future. Against current malicious software, though, you are completely safe.

Third Party Action

We make room for third party services and organizations to put up ads on our site as much as we put up ads on other sites. The sites which we put up ads may use cookies and other data to track user’s information. However, we have limited third party access on our website and as such, your information is completely safe from third party intrusion. Site Security Our website is fully encrypted. Payments and transactions are fully secure from donator to beneficiary using Secure Socket Layer encryption. Your billing information will not be disclosed to anyone, including third party financial agents, without your full consent.

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